Secure your business day and night

Be aware and ready to act!

Implement the surveillance system that responds to your needs. Deploy a smart, proactive and responsive Security System or a new generation Passive Surveillance one.

Strengthen your business’ security

Keep your business safe with a proactive & responsive Security System

A state-of-the-art security system that goes beyond surveillance. It protects your establishment’s perimeter and indoor premises, instantly responds to any threat and helps you stay untouched, among other advanced features that contribute to a safer environment in many ways.

Keep an eye on your business 24/7

High-quality Passive Surveillance System

A new generation, digital and flexible Surveillance System, that will provide you with a continuous view and recording of your business premises status, so that you can act accordingly. Easy management and monitoring features, even with smartphones or tablets.

Why choose edgIT?

We follow certified procedures for the design of the security solutions we offer, propose an optimal solution, by performing a Feasibility Study, based on your unique establishment and your requirements and we deliver the exact solution we agreed upon.

Solutions Features and Advantages

  • High definition image and videos, even at low light conditions
  • All solutions are PoE enabled – No need for separate power cabling
  • IP communication protocol based on existing computer network – No need for a separate Network Infrastructure!
  • High security standards implementation for video streaming – even for mobile devices transmission
  • NAS use as recording device – No limitations on supported number of cameras
  • User-friendly and powerful management system
  • Smart cameras – Unique features – Advanced embedded video analytics capabilities (Mobotix)
  • Thermal cameras – Thermal radiometry features – Thermal-optical image overlay (Mobotix)
  • Responsive to special requirements, “Beyond human vision” (Mobotix)

Mobotix Security Solutions & Applications

Innovative, high-quality, reliable and intelligent solutions that ensure long-term investment security. MOBOTIX Solutions can provide added value in every industry, such as:

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Intelligent process and systems monitoring reliably detect dangers before they occur.

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Intelligent video security, integrated business intelligence

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Education & Science

Improved security, less vandalism, better reputation

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Health care

Intelligent event management

Our Partners

To support our vision, we join forces with the leading technology providers in the global industry.

Contact us to design the Security Solution your business deserves!

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