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How to improve and enhance business performance and customer satisfaction?

Following a 15-year-career in IBM, one of the leading and multi-awarded IT companies worldwide and a total experience of more than 20 years in the IT Industry, EDGIT is the realization of a vision: to offer Innovative, Reliable, Efficient and Cost-Effective IT Solutions and Ideas.

What Makes Us Different?



Our expertise leads to a Unique Customer Experience and Satisfaction.



We constantly develop our expertise and Solutions, so that you succeed in your goals.

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We provide exactly what you need, when you need it. Our solutions aim at your business growth!

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We provide and promote the most efficient, effective and cost balanced IT solutions for your business.

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We establish an interpersonal relationship based on communication, shared values and experiences.


Our main goal is to provide SMB companies with:

  • IT Solutions from which big companies and organizations take benefit, combined with Flexible, Reliable and Cost-Effective products
  • Proper implementation of each solution, so that they don’t face downtime and issues related to integration errors
  • Value for Money remote monitoring and support (aka Managed Services), which enables us to provide the best possible service, having a full view and control of our customers’ infrastructure, without even being present


Our vision is to become one of the Top IT Companies of Greece, which will be known and respected as an Innovative Integrator for its Agile Solutions, Professional skills, Reliable Support and Customer Satisfaction.


We stand beside any entrepreneur or company owner by getting the IT hassle and complexity out of their way, helping them deal with their business.

We support small IT departments by designing and implementing useful or critical IT solutions for their companies.

We consult even bigger organizations and companies regarding big infrastructure changes or solutions, based on the experience we have gained and the role we have had in companies like IBM.


We consist of versatile, qualified and skilled IT specialists, with excellent experience in Leading, Designing, Implementing, Supporting and Improving IT operations.
We have gained our experience by:

  • designing and providing advanced services and solutions addressed to complex and demanding infrastructure environments
  • taking part in pioneering and state-of-the-art projects, like the “Server and Storage Consolidation and Disaster Recovery Site Project” on behalf of National Bank of Greece, or other, similarly critical projects for other major institutions in Greece
  • having a leading role in big domestic maintenance contracts on behalf of the National Bank of Greece’s Data Center and all its branches in Greece, as well as the support of Eurobank’s and Commercial Bank’s infrastructure
  • consulting and designing IT solutions including the preparation of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), ROI (Return On Investment) and POC (Proof Of Concept)


We create personalized solutions for individual needs while aiming at adding real value to your business. We are a skilled, experienced and meticulous team with the goal to keep you informed and deliver results, always working with honesty and integrity. We are experts at:

  • designing and implementing IT solutions based on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, mid-range and high-end Servers or Storage, with high availability and SMB/SME backup solutions
  • physical and IT Security solutions
  • Networking solutions
  • Telecommunication systems solutions


Take a look at only a few of the companies that re-imagined their business routine with us!

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