Our Four-Pillar System For Your Business Network

Why is proper implementation of your network so important?

Performance, Reliability, Manageability and Security (PeRMS) are our core principles and the four pillars around which we build your Network System. We provide a wide spectrum of options, depending on your company’s needs and offer integrated customized solutions, regardless the complexity of your Network Scheme.

What Networking Solutions Does EDGIT Offer?

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Network Design

Our networking canvas comprises of a complete set of options and solutions. Just tell us what you need to accommodate for your business and we will provide you with a complete and efficient solution.

Networking Solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions

Regardless of the nature or the complexity of the Networking scheme required, we have the experience, manpower and process to properly size and deploy every solution.

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Switching Solutions

Benefit from an agile backbone Network, which is not a “black box” any more, but a fully managed and secure environment, that can help you run your everyday business at a faster pace and with accurate troubleshooting.

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Routing Solutions

Protect the heart of your business: your data and IT infrastructure. Among many, shield your business data from outbound, as well as inbound threats, manage and balance your internet connections, provide secure remote access to your employees, monitor traffic, get instant alerts, even from unknown malware threats.

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Wireless Solutions

Maximize your business productivity with a robust wireless network. Improve efficiency and collaboration amongst employees and partners by implementing a reliable, adequate and secure Wireless Infrastructure.
The New Culture embraces mobility, while businesses have a lot to gain by facilitating the use of wireless devices.

Why go wireless?

Four Reasons to go wireless

Reduce costs

on cabling, IT configuration, voice connectivity, mobile phone usage.

Gain agility & speed

with continuous access to information, applications, resources and colleagues, helping the streamline of business processes, improving workflow & reducing response time.

Achieve greater productivity

by facilitating your people, partners and customers to collaborate and work whenever they want, on any device.

Provide enhanced service

with a robust wireless infrastructure within public spaces, meeting areas and presentation rooms, allowing users to access the internet without compromising business security.


Managed PoE and Non-PoE Ethernet Gbit Switches

  • Fast gigabit backbone
  • Visibility and logging of the status of every device in the network
  • Power provision to VoIP phones, IP door-phones and IP cameras via PoE switches

Routers providing

  • Incoming and outgoing WAN traffic recording and reporting
  • Load Balancing and configuration between WAN connections or applications
  • Implementation of all user groups policies
  • Alerting in case of attack
  • Several Protection schemes

Sophisticated Wireless Access Points with the ability to

  • Serve all users
  • Create one wireless network
  • Assign separate bandwidth to different users’ groups
  • Implement multiple company’s or guest’s networks, with different configurations and access policies
  • Provide access log and reporting

LAN, SAN Networking

  • Design and implement Local Area and Fiber Optics networks for Storage Area networks, according to the latest technology standards.
  • Test and certify appropriate network performance for each connection

Our Partners

To support our vision, we join forces with the leading technology providers in the global industry.

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