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Focus on what is really important: your customers.

You no longer need to worry about operating or expanding your system’s hardware or software.

Project Implementation Services – Turn-Key Solutions

Creating a new IT infrastructure project is a complex task.

Our goal is to always make new things operational and to secure inter-operability with existing systems, without disturbing business continuity. Without the ability to leverage knowledgeable staff, the installation of your IT solution can encounter delays and cost overruns. Get a Team of Professionals with the expertise to deliver your project on time and on budget!

A proven methodology from project design to its delivery and support!

We provide the solution design, equipment, software, licenses and services and determine which ongoing support services will be required. We implement each solution in the most cost-effective and least business-distracting way, delivering a complete documentation with all IT administration details. We support the deployed solution -or your entire Infrastructure- in an optimum way.

IT Management & Out-tasking Services

Your business needs you more! Leave your daily IT activities to us!

We are able to provide all the IT Services you need, in a cost-efficient way! You can count on us for any IT task, critical application or function and the IT-based day-to-day operations of your entire business. We have the appropriate Team of experts for each need and we’ll make sure that your systems will serve your business smoothly, minimizing disturbing and expensive downtime.

IT Asset Management Services

Assets include all elements of software and hardware in the business environment. Support life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment, by establishing the proper set of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions.

Gain visibility and control over your IT assets and Costs

  • Discover, manage and track all your hardware assets
  • Maintain a complete product catalogue of all your assets, price and warranty details
  • Understand your IT environment better, by mapping your asset relationships with CMDB (Configuration Management DB)
  • Enable an effective Problem & Change management planning
  • Manage and Improve Software governance by monitoring your software usage, compliance status, number of installations, license types and expirations.
  • Sail through software audits easily by tracking every installation easily and allocate individual software licenses across installations.
  • Manage IT Budgets Better, by Tracking IT Asset Purchases and Contracts.

Managing your business’ IT tasks requires experts who

  • Know your infrastructure and your critical applications
  • Are aware of different systems dependencies
  • Can evaluate every situation and provide solutions
  • May consult you whenever requested
  • Are skilled to keep things moving forward

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