Secure a “peace of mind” for your Management team

  • From Surveillance and Access Control solutions, to Physical and sophisticated Security Systems,
  • From Perimeter and Networking IT security protection to state-of-the-art endpoint cybersecurity and mobile device management implementation and
  • From Data Encryption, Security and Access Control execution to critical and personal data Flow Control, protection and processes deployment,

Edgit has the proper solution for your business!

it solutions

IT – Cyber Security

Keep your Data, Network and your whole Infrastructure Safe -including mobile devices- with our pioneer and Multi-Awarded Security Solutions

IT solutions

Surveillance Solutions

Monitor your business-critical areas all day long (24/7) and be informed of potential dangers before they even occur.

GDPR Compliance


Protect the Personal and Sensitive data of your business, as well as your reputation, with our Complete and Structured guidance of both Legal and IT support.

Data privacy

Secure Portable Media

Ensure the Safe Transfer and Storage of any Sensitive, Business Critical or Personal Data with a certified and simple solution


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