Confront the threat

How can you protect your organization’s IT?

The most critical thing is to be aware and ready to act! Your strategy must involve networks, servers, email and mobile devices. Starting with a security software and hardware, you will still need a way to apply your protection policy in a manageable and affordable manner.

Managed Security Services: The Proper Security Solution

How can you implement and manage the proper solution?

We will help you keep your data safe, regardless of where it is stored by implementing and managing the proper security solution.

Why choose Edgit?

By choosing us as your Managed Security Services Partner (MSSP), you will benefit from a Fixed Operating Expense, along with:

  • Superior protection,
  • Continuous oversight,
  • Advanced technology,
  • Cost savings and
  • Security experts to focus on every issue.

A unique security protection concept

Who is SOPHOS?

SOPHOS is a pioneer IT Security oriented company, awarded within the TOP 3 of IT Security and Cyber Security Companies in the world by Gartner and other independent organizations.

SOPHOS main functional advantages and unique characteristics

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One Central Dashboard

Health Status at a glance, across the entire company and branches. Simple and user-friendly. Allows you to manage sub-estates and even share licenses.

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SOPHOS Synchronized Security

Combines an intuitive security platform with award-winning products that enables your defenses to actively work together as a cybersecurity system and be more coordinated than the attackers.

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Addresses GDPR Requirements

Secures and Encrypts personal data, stops hacking and malware, secures lost or stolen devices, reduces impact of human error. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and full impact assessment in case of security breach are also provided.

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SOPHOS Next-Generation UTM Firewall

Perimeter security is implemented, no matter which endpoint protection client software you have. But when combined to SOPHOS endpoint protection client, it provides unique features.

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