Take care of your business backbone

Reliable equipment, great management and monitoring capabilities

We design professional Data Centers that will properly fit and support your business. We create appropriate documentation (Administration Manual) that is handed to you and we keep it updated and consistent with all necessary details. Moreover, using our Managed Support Services, all equipment’s health condition and alerts are monitored, in order to properly respond ASAP and secure minimum or zero business disruption.

Simple, but important rules for your fundamental IT structure:

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All at one place

It should be gathered at one place with Access Control. Only a few entitled people should have access to it and access log must be recorded.

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Suitable Environment Conditions Insurance

Maximum temperature and humidity conditions specified by the equipment should not be exceeded. To assure reliability and optimum performance, air conditioning, proper ventilation and temperature/ humidity monitoring are considered essential.

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No power instabilities

All business’ processes hate sudden power failures or instabilities. In order to protect the equipment, an appropriate and managed UPS is necessary.

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Proper cable tagging

Your cabling should be properly routed and tagging must be consistent, so that maintenance and management are effectively provided.

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Business oriented components

All involved and installed equipment should be Business oriented (Home solutions are NOT recommended!) and should have the ability to be managed remotely, in order to save huge maintenance costs in the long run.

10 Elements of an efficient Data Center

  • A standard and monitored environment
  • Physical security – Authorized personnel entry only
  • Accountability of the Personnel Responsible – Access control, Logs enabled, Single Owners of Devices.
  • Policies behind processes for system access, data retention, backup, changes etc
  • Redundancy for important components
  • System monitoring
  • Size scalability – Expansion capacity
  • Change Management processes
  • Functional Organization of all Systems, Interdependencies and Systematic Approach in every action is imperative
  • Complete and updated Documentation of the Backbone Logical Diagram, systems record, network architecture and administrator credentials should be available upon request, to secure business continuity and manageability

Our Partners

To support our vision, we join forces with the leading technology providers in the global industry.

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